Video games

A hobby then a job in video games.

Video games

I have begun video games in late eighties as simple and young player. After, i have followed hardwares, games evolutions and my interest for video games industry has increased over the years. When i could follow a quality assurance tester formation, i took this way which has common points and links with web. That allowed me new perspectives for future.

With my formation, i have won a new view on games, more critical. I have learned to find, analyse and report bugs. I’ve had more interest for some games aspects, like gamedesign, so i have readed gamedesign books. I think, it’s an advantage for tester to understand why conceptors take some decisions in game concepts. The tester can more improve the game in test phases.

For my personal website Dol Celeb about fantasy, i often write actuality and test articles on games.

You’ll can find under this introduction my general profile in this domain. For more details, visit QA Testeur section (with professionals and personnals experiences) and Player section for my player profile and experiences.



  • Bug detection, report and following
  • Feeling tests
  • Reviews
  • Articles writing



  • 2010 : Game tester certificate, Creajeux at Nîmes (France).



  • December 2020 until today : Live QA Specialist Tester at Ubisoft Montreal.
  • May 2019 until December 2020 : senior functionality tester for GlobalStep.
  • March 2017 to May 2019 : functionality tester for Bug-Tracker / GlobalStep :
  • July-August 2016 : tester for NoClip on the lemmings-like game Zombie Night Terror.
  • June 2014-September 2016 : testeur for Noob Développement (volunteer work on free time).
  • October 2014 : freelance tester (in complementary activity).
  • May-June 2013 : alpha tester for the strategic game The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot (Ubisoft).
  • May 2013 : beta tester for the MMORPG Neverwinter (Cryptic Studios et Perfect World Entertainment).
  • April 2013 : beta tester for the MMORPG Ragnarok Online 2 (Gravity Interactive).
  • April 2012 : tester on the tower defense Shad’O (Okugi Studio).
  • February 2011 : beta tester for the MMORPG Forsaken World (Perfect World Entertainment).
  • April-May 2010 : beta tester for the MMORPG Atlantica Online (NDOORS et Nexon).
  • February 2008 : beta tester for the MMORPG Rappelz (GPotato).
  • Since January 2008 : webmaster, video game articles writing for Dol Celeb.
  • 2055-2009 : moderator of the Sanctuaire FF website forum about Final Fantasy licence.



  • PC
  • Stadia
  • XBox
  • PS4
  • XBox Series X
  • PS5



  • JIRA  : 4     X-RAY : 4     Mantis : 4
  • Photoshop : 4
  • Word / Writer : 4     Excel / Calc : 3
  • Unity : 1



  • Neighborhood (Sony) 4  XBOX Manager 4
  • FileZilla : 5     TortoiseSVN : 3